Michael Haydn Quartets in D and F Major for flute, violin. viola, and cello performed by Linda DiMartino Wetherill with Ensemble Elisa Bacciochi (Linda, Carl Alberto Valenti, violin, Claudio Valenti, viola, and Carlo BenVenuti, cello, will be released by DaVinci Recording Company (Italy) in spring 2020.


2018 winners 

"Athique" by Filippo Zapponi , Professor in Toulouse, France,

was premiered July 14, at Palazzo Baronale, Tiggiano, and also in NYC in October at St. John's University with with Flutist Linda DiMarTino Wetherill and pianist Giovanni Calabrese.

South Korean composers Sue Jean Park's "Dialogue" for flute with electronics received it's premiere by Linda at the NYC Electro-Acoustic Festival in July 2018.

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