The Tenth Annual Counterpoint International Competition 2019 invites works for Italian and NYC premieres.

Instrumentation is flute, guitar, and harp in any combination. Scores with midi recording are preferred and requested by December 31, 2019.

 Please submit materials with processing fee of 20 Euros to [email protected]

       Baroque Ensemble Elisa Baciocchi including Carlo and Claudio Valenti, Carlo Benvenuto, Fabbrizio Datteri, Gabriele Micheli and Linda DiMartino Wetherill will perform music of F X Geminiani: "Lettura della Gerusalemme Liberata di T. Tassio, with Piero Nannini, narrator, will be released in Italy this summer (details to follow).

Michael Haydn Quartet in D Major for flute, violin. viola, and cello will come out from the same performers in December.

       Centaur CD of works by composer Andrew Rudin will be available in the U.S. by late summer 2019.

2018 winner "Athique" by Filippo Zapponi , Professor in Toulouse, France,

will be premiered July 14, at Palazzo Baronale, Tiggiano, and also in NYC in October at St. John's University with with Flutist Linda DiMarTino Wetherill and pianist Giovanni Calabrese.

Please visit page 2, "about us" to see names and pieces which won in previous years.